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Please Help me in my FIGHT for a Seizure Alert Dog

Wendy Klick

Wendy Klick

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States
Please Help me in my FIGHT for a Seizure Alert Dog


$2000.00 USD


$5.00 USD


Jul 8, 2013


Aug 31, 2010

Hello my name is Andrea and my dream bank is for a Seizure Alert Dog.! Please help me in my FIGHT to get a seizure Alert Dog to help me lead a more healthy and safe life. I have a diagnosis of Intractable Epilepsy and have been advised to get a service dog because of it.
All of my seizures cause me to lose consciousness & have sudden falls that could result in serious injury.
A seizure Alert dog would improve the quality of my life by giving me someone to be with me all the time & to keep me safe when I 'm crossing the street & the list continues.
I just want to lead a normal life. I just want to be able to walk to the store without having to worry that I could have a seizure while crossing the street & get hit by a car. I want to maintain my independence as much as possible. The dog would help with this by sensing the chemical changes in my body helping me to manage my episodes. The alert would give me time to get to a safe place.
You can help in my fight to get a Seizure Alert Dog by making a donation. For more information please click on the following link: The money collected will go towards the cost of the training & the obtaining of a service dog to assist me. It is very expensive to obtain a service dog because of the training, vest, leash, collars, certification, county registration, ect.
Please donate whatever you can to this cause. Remember no ammount is too small. Any form of help would be truly greatful."

Category Health/Fitness
Tags charity / medical / health / seizures / epilepsy / cause

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gave $5.00 USD.
September 12, 2010


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Please help support me in my cause, so far I...